Proprietary Membership

A Proprietary Membership is held by a duly approved member or members having one pro-rata share of the outstanding capital of the Club along with the other then-existing Proprietary Memberships. Each Proprietary Membership shall be entitled to one vote and only one vote. Proprietary Memberships shall be the only voting memberships. Owners of a Proprietary Membership will have the full rights and privileges of the clubhouse, golf course, driving range and swimming pool; subject to the Rules and Regulations adopted by the Board of Directors and in accordance with the provisions of the Contra Costa Country Club Bylaws. The dependents of a Proprietary Member shall be extended the rights and privileges of such Proprietary Member to the extent authorized by the Board of Directors, except that they shall not have the right to vote or hold office.

Eligible dependents shall consist of the spouse or domestic partner and unmarried, dependent children under the age of twenty-three (23), provided they are still residing with their parents. Unmarried children of a member who are students temporarily residing at an educational institution shall be deemed to reside in the member's household.


Junior Executive Membership (JEM)

A Junior Executive Membership is held by a person admitted to membership prior to turning 40 years of age, subject to the following: upon the Membership Committee's recommendation, the Board of Directors elects to defer the transfer fee component of the initiation fee. A Junior Executive Member shall have the same rights and privileges as a Proprietary Member. All other conditions and responsibilities associated with the purchase and sale of a Club Membership shall apply. No more than 6 new Junior Executive Memberships shall be created in any calendar year.

Social Associate Membership

A Social Associate shall be invited to attend all social events throughout the year and have unlimited use of the newly refurbished pool pavilion and pool amenities. A Social Associate may play 4 rounds of golf (with a guest) per year with payment of normal guest green fees and use of the practice range / putting green only when playing those rounds.

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